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Lupe the chihuahua was kind of loopy that day. She ran off down the expressway after surviving a roll-over accident in the pouring rain in Medina, West Virginia, in May 2009. Angela Marrone miraculously had only minor injuries and was out of the hospital the next day, in a lot of pain but eager to search for her dog.

Motel owners pitying the Canadian tourist gave her free lodging. Angie called her parents in Ontario, and they drove six hours to join her in the search along I-77 for Lupe. But it was hopeless and within two days they were heading back to Ontario.

Four days later the phone call came that Lupe had been spotted on a farm a half-mile from the accident. Angie, bruised and recover, let her mother and brother make the six-hour drive anew, the rain still pounding as they searched until it was too dark to search longer. At sunrise, the search began again.

Others were helping and the dog was once more spotted, but so frightened by strangers that she took off down the expressway anew. Angie's mother Sandra jumped in the car and drove to the location of the sighting, spotted Lupe, got out of her car and called. A happy little dumbass ran straight into traffic!

Sandra covered her eyes not wanting to see what seemed inevitable. But Lupe negotiated traffic successfully! After a bath and return to Canada, where Lupe ate two dinners, this photo was caught of Angie and Lupe reunited.

To the kind people of West Virginia, and the many who took time from their own lives to help search I-77, Sandra Marrone said, "The kindest people live in West Virginia. You will never be forgotten."

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