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Miley, a chihuahua-terrier mix, gets a hug from Stacie Pitts and Richard Childers, whose life she saved from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Heroic MileyIt was after four in the morning in December of 2009. It wasn't easy to get Stacie and Richard to wake up, but two-year-old Miley wouldn't give up, and would manage to spare them brain damage or death.

Stacey woke up with a headache, but ignored Miley and went back to sleep. So Miley went to work anew, more aggressively striving to wake up her adoptive mom, jumping on her and licking her face.

The second time Stacey was awakened, she felt extreme nausea and ran to the bathroom, where she lost consciousness. Her fiance was still asleep. Stacey's six-year-old step-daughter Nyla Soulliere was also asleep in the room.

Miley had finally roused Richard who was quick to call 911. Soon the family was on the way to the hospital.

Doctors found that Stacey's carbon monoxide level was 25 and she had been moments from death. The child's level was 17, and Richard's 20 or 22. Without Miley alert to toxic gas, they'd've all died.

Miley is the 2009 recipient of the 27th Annual National Dog Hero Award. Stacey, Richard, and Miley were all flown to Los Angeles, with a free room at the Sheridan Inn, and a press conferance with the Los Angeles SPCA to honor Miley.

Miley was rescued as an abandoned dog along the railroad tracks in Van Buren, Arkansas. She has more than repaid that debt! And Stacey Pitts said she hopes more people will be inspired by Miley to give a shelter mutt a chance. „Maybe more people will see that mixed breeds can do as much if not more than pure breeds.¾

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