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I chihuahua named Mister (above and below) is sharing a cross-country adventure with Katie Mancine and Mark Cognata (below in their cute tiny trailer house). They set out in September 2008, and as I write this at the end of 2009, they're all still on the road.

Katie defined "Romance" in these terms: "It's getting stuck overnight in a huge snowstorm in the Rockies in Wyoming, and having to cuddle with Mark and Mister for warmth all night when our propane runs out. It's seeing Mister get really excited over a group of cows on the side of the road."

Mark said of Mister, "He must be using this time to refine his emotional intelligence, because he simply adores us now. He's always excited to step out into new territory. Likewise, he steps up when stress levels are mounting in Katie or me. He can assess our moods and he'll cuddle and kiss us when we're down. He knows how uplifting some heartfelt affection can be."

The journey is documented at this website:
Wanderful Us Illustrated Blog
And if you go to the photostream on Flicker and search "Mister," you see dozens more photos of Mister.
Wanderful Us Photostream


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