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A news tory from the L.A. Times in July 2009 reported on a near-tragedy. A woman who was cleaning up her house for a party put her two chihuahuas in a treehouse, on leashes, to make sure they stayed out of the way.

Why the young woman who owned these dogs, Charlene Cisneros, couldn't've confined them somewhere in the house, only she knows.

One of the chis, six year old Chiquilla, hearing a party going on, leapt from the treehouse hoping to join the fun. Soon she was unconscious, dangling from her leash.

Fortunately for the dog, one of the guests spotted the dangling pooch. Krisna Torres (in the photos with Chiquilla) performed mouth-to-mouth to resusitate the chihuahua. Too bad she couldn't also just take Chiquilla home with her where she'd be safe!

Nearly Strangled

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