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Above) When tongue-lolling Hannah first came to Chihuahua Rescue and Transport of Texas and Oklahoma, she was already on her third rather than second chance. She'd been inherited as unadopbtable from a Dallas shelter after her owners gave her up complaining she'd gotten "too old."

She arrived with an eye infection that was beyond saving the eye. Despite worries that she was too fragile to survive surgery, she came through with flying colors. She was adopted by Sharon Mowery who said "I cannot express enough the joy of caring for a geriatric dog. Hannah wants nothing more than to love and to be loved. It makes me feel good to know she will now live out her golden years in comfort."

Below) Five and a half pound one-eyed Luckee Chawala was turned over to the Arizona Chihuahua Rescue when her medical bills overwhelmed her owner. She became a permanent resident of the chihuahua sanctuary.

Luckee was born with a facial deformity that required one of her eyes to be removed. She had good vision in the remaining eye. But as she grew, she developed a brain tumor which effected her behavior, making her skittish and easily afraid. She also had knee problems. She gets pampered in what is likely to be her last home, until the tumor finally gets her.


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