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In March of 2009, a little person became lost in the Welsh wilderness, with only her chihuahua for assistance. The British tabloids liked such headlines as "Mountain Dwarf Saved By Chihuahua."

PebblesBeverley Burkitt, 45, a native of Colwyn Bay, stands three-feet seven inches tall. She and her seven-inch-tall brown-and-white longhair chi, Pebbles, were hiking in the Snodonia National Park, when Beverley became disoriented.

She had lost her cell phone, so could not call her 15-year-old daughter Jasmine at the pony trekking center at Dolwyddelan where they'd been staying.

Alerted by the daughter that her mother was missing, a full search was undertaken complete with infrared detectors and helicopter.

"I lost hope just once," she admitted, and on the fear she would not be found alive, she wrote a letter and recorded a video message for her daughter Jasmine, in case she was not found alive.

"I wrote Jasmine saying I tried to get home and I hope you find me. And I'm sorry, because I promised I'd stay on the path. The last thing Jasmine said was, mummy, stay on the path and I love you."

She had learned a few survival tricks from her daughter who liked watching survival shows. She used moss to filter water, and made a giant cross from Pebbles' bright orange plastic poop-bags.

"Pebbles lay across my legs overnight and kept me warm," said Beverley Burkitt. Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue found her in the early dawn, curled up with Pebbles. Soon she and her dog were reuinited with Jasmine, and all was well. A world without dwarves is like a world without sunshine.
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