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The annual Ugliest Dog Contest, held at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California, selected (on 26 June 2010) Princess Abby Francis, a four-year-old rescue chihuahua. Her owner Kathleen Francis received a $1,000 prize and all the perks of celebrity this award inevitably brings.

"I don't think she's ugly at all," Kathleen claims, though if that's the case why enter her as an ugly dog? "I think she's beautiful." Well, me too.

Princess Abby had been adopted about five months earlier, having been abused, neglected, and found running homeless through the streets.

Her vet says Abby has deformities of her front legs (which makes her prefer to walk upright), curvature of the spine, and a left eye that is wrinkly and blind, all likely due to puppy mill inbreeding.

It was the 22nd year of the contest, and Abby competed against 22 other dogs bidding for the high praise of ugliness.

Ugliest Dog condidates always promote this or that issue, and Abby is now the Poster Dog for spaying and neutering.

Celebrity judges for the contest were Vertical Horizon lead singer Matt Scannell, and That 70's Show actress Christina Moore, celebrity vet Karen "Doc" Halligan, plus fair board member Brian Sobel.

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