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On 15 November 2007, an East Anglican family was saved in a house fire when Pukina the chihuahua rushed about the upstairs bedrooms to awaken Cilla Mobley and her fifteen year old daughter Emily.

Pukina successfully alerted everyone that a fire was getting started downstairs in the kitchen, before the downstairs was engulfed and they could not all flee to safety.

There was time even to save two additional dogs and a parrot. The cause of the fire was an electrical short. The day before, one of the family's other dogs, a Jack Russell, had been trying to warn us about that spot in the kitchen, and Mrs. Mobley knew something must be amiss but couldn't figure out what it was.

Mrs. Mobley, who works part time for the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, said of her chihuahua, "If Pukina hadn't woken us up, I hate to think what would have happened."

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