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Above) In Las Vegas, April 2006, two-year-old Daisy adopted a newborn litter of motherless kittens. She had herself just given birth to stillborn puppies. This photo was taken in May with her meowing kids eyes having recently opened.

Below) In June of 2007, one year old white chihuahua Sprinkle adopted a two-week-old orphaned kitten, Bindi. She groomed and protected the little girl, wouldn't let her out of her sight, and even tried to nurse her. But as Sprinkle wasn't lactating, Bindi had to be fed by Sprinkle's owner Teresa Coale of Westminster.

They always slept together, the kitten's head relaxed on Sprinkle's body. "Sprinkle's just very nurturing," said Teresa. "It's like she senses the kitten needs love. She's like a pacifier for the kitten. She's her security blanket." [Photo by Dylan Slagle]

Sprinkle Raising Kittens

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