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Sad tales abound. In mid-February, 2010, Tim Mitchell's two-pound two-year-old chocolate teacup chihuahua Runt disappeared from a downtown bus station.

RuntHe said, "It's killing me. I slept about eight hours in five days, because I wake up with nightmares about her being out there dying in the snow alone and by herself."

Tim and his father arrived in Pittsburgh at 3 a.m. after a four-day journey from San Francisco.

They dozed off in the Greyhound station while waiting for a ride to come get them, with Runt, and her albino mother Pinky (pictured below), tied to the two men by their leashes. When they awoke, Runt was gone, apparently having been sereptitiously removed from her leash.

With a panic disorder, Runt serves as Tim's service dog, helping to keep him calm. The crisis that anyone would experience losing their dog was much stronger for Tim. "She knows when I'm on the verge of a panic attack and informs my father to get my medication."

A representative of the Greyhound bus company said they were working with the police on the case. "I don't care who has her or why or what happened," said Tim Mitchell, a nervous wreck. "I just need my baby back, please."


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