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Donna Imhof is a veterinarian for the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, on Long Island, New York.

ScooterdogsIn 2007 the no-kill shelter received a litter of chihuahuas all born without front legs. They were victims of in-breeding in a careless puppy mill in Virginia.

Such special needs dogs are not easily adopted, and Dr. Imhof ended up keeping them all.

A fund was set up with many eager donors to help with the cost of custom-built light-weight aluminum-frame carts giving the little dogs front wheels.

Without wheels the dogs could've gotten around well enough, hopping about in upright position, but would risk back and joint problems later in life.

Some might not take to hopping at all, but would attempt to walk about on nubs, rubbing them raw. When fitted with wheels, however, they all take off like sons-of-guns as though born with them.

Among these four siblings -- Carmen, Pablo, Venus and Scooter -- only Scooter really stood up and hopped about a whole lot. On the picnic blanket with all the dogs off their wheels, you'll see Scooter the only one who stood up to get her picture taken.

Scooter Dogs

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