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Columbia County, Lake City, Florida, early in September 2007: Ten year old chihuahua Mimi adopted four baby squirrels. When the old chi began to lactate for the squirrels, a vet was consulted, who said that as long as Mimi was able to feed them, she'd likely be providing better care than for humans to handraise them with formula.

MimiDerek Varnes found the squirrels on a down limbed while at work for a tree-cutting company.

At first he thought they were rats, but soon realized he'd just help orphan a litter of squirrels.

"They say after they're out of the nest or the tree, the momma won't mess with them anymore. I wasn't going to let them die." He gave the squirrel-pups to his fiancee's mom, Jeannette Young.

Mimi began whining for the baby squirrels. Jeannette said, "I thought she wanted to eat them." But eventually she realized Mimi was having a very motherly response. Her biological desire was so strong she even began lactating, though her own last litter of puppies was four years prior. "She seems convinced the babies were meant for her and takes great care of them."

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