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Princess, a tiny one-year-old chihuahua, was tossed from a moving SUV by Jimmy Correa, 24, and Jenny Torres, 31, of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Witnesses saw Correa open the window and toss the dog out onto the street.

Torres then drove back and the couple were still bad-mouthing the little creature, saying the "stupid dog" was still where they threw it. This gave witnesses a chance to jot down the liscense plate.

When tracked down by police, Correa said "It was my girlfriend's dog. She told me to throw it out the window." It would later be discovered that his girlfriend was his cousin. They were charged with two felony counts of cruelty to animals, for the act of tossing it out the window, and for abandoning it afterward.

Animal Control Officer Emmanuel Maciel, holding Princess for reporters to photograph, noted how well behaved and sweet she was. He could not imagine what such a gentle chihuahua could possibly do to enrage the Correa and Torres sufficiently to throw it out of a moving vehicle.

Princess, the chihuahua, showed clear signs of being emotionally traumatized, but was not severely injured physically. Torres signed over her harshly discarded pet to Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River, where the next day, after television news coverage, there was "a mob scene" outside the shelter, of people competing to adopt Princess.

By the time inbred wackjobs Torres and and Correa (shown at right -- note Jimmy's drag queen eyebrows) got to court, they had changed their story. They said they never threw the dog out the window, but it jumped out while the door was opened. Other contradictory versions of what happened were also concocted; they weren't intelligent enough to get it straight.

Then they had the audacity to ask for Princess to be returned to them, though the shelter refused. Torres said Princess belonged to her four year old daughter who was heartbroken. Should've thought of that before chucking Princess out the window! And maybe someone should look into the situation of the child's custody and safety.

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