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Patrick the two-legged chihuahua, as shown in the video below, runs and plays with a big dog, Coco, and just loves being outside.

Patrick was adopted through Noah's Bark of South Los Angeles. His new family got the birth-defect chihuahua when he was eleven weeks old, when he weighed only two pounds. He's as exuberant, happy, and affectionate as any pup can be.

He has only two little stumps for front legs, without footpads, which means he is at risk of splitting open the skin and exposing bone if he hops across a hardwood floor or a sidewalk and lands on or tries to walk on the stumps.

Some such dogs have their stumps amputated so as to do away with the risk and encourage the "kangaroo walk." Others are fitted with wheelchairs. Noah's Bark was helping to raise money to get Patrick a wheelchair, but as a pup he spent most of his time in a padded soft-surface playpen with many trips to the soft lawn and especially happy times on mommy and daddy's bed.

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