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Kamelrose WhisperLily, or "Whisp," is a service dog and a therapy dog capable of alerting, by barking, when her owner is having a chemical change in her health, and able to fetch and lift small objects her owner can't reach from a wheelchair.

She began her training as a pup in 2006 and was registered as an official service dog in 2008, at age two. When in her "mobility service dog" jacket and out in the world, she knows she's "on duty" and on her best behavior. When at home and not wearing the jacket, she knows she can take liberties to be just a happy dog with plenty of playtime.

Whisp was helped in her training by CallaLily who in 2006, at age eight, hadn't gotten too old for her duties, but the time would come; and indeed, in 2008, she passed away at age ten -- which is a little premature for a chihuahua. This blog tells the story of Whisp, with photos of both service dogs:

WhisperLily and CallaLilly

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