Fearless Freep




Fearless Freep, aka Kay R. Sluterbeck of Ohio, is a super cool illustrator. The top illustration is a detail from the back of a very large envelop that was much-decorated with doodles & paste-ons of all sorts, the best bit being this rat in a bowl. Freepers scribbled out a hasty text beside the quick sketch, which reads as follows:

Scene from a forgotten British novel:
"There is a large rat in the sugar bowl," commented Cedric,
"and it appears to be wearing blue bib overalls."
"The rat, or the sugar bowl?" queried Cecilia.
The second illustration was done on the upper inside half of a folded notecard in which Fearless Freep had written a letter dated 7 December 1995. The fusty rat in blue ink is such a skillfully polished drawing.

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