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For these galleries, I generally pick the side of the cards I like best, but couldn't choose between front & back of this one, so show both sides. It's a nearly three-dimensional post card & it's hard to convey the utter exellence of this piece with a scanning bed that has no depth perception to it, plus Metal Dog uses a lot of metalic paints that loose their shimmering quality when copied onto the web, but this item should make a nice gallery page even so.

Metal Dog of Ohio has taken a piece of cardboard which is corregated on both sides, painted the corregations in a minimum of three metallic colors, then collaged on top of that. One edge of the card was hole-punched & red wire was used to weave metal leaves onto the card, so that they dangle loose along the edge. A fairly elaborate piece of mail art.

One of the cool things about mailing mail-art is that one must trust the postal service not to destroy something entirely. In this case a cancellation machine tore off part of the address label, which had been addressed to me as "Paghat the Ratgirl, the Harlot of Tyre," but fortunately only the word "Ratgirl" was ripped off the composition, & I got the piece otherwise unscathed. A little damage to a piece of mail art can be a mark of distinction or even contribute to the overall aesthetic, but it remains that part of the charm of the game is in not getting overly worried that occasionally something really does get spindled & mutilated horribly, & some mail artists like to test the fringes of what is apt to pass through the mails successfully.

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