Seattle mail artist Seiko Sato of Boscographix created this card from a handcarved rubber stamp of ratties sleeping together. It was sent to me in 1995.

I've met Seiko a few times. I went two decades without owning a television, so way back when Stephen King produced a made-for-television miniseries of The Shining, I went over to Seiko's on the nights it ran, as she's a horror fan just like me. I wanted to hang out with her & her significant other all the time! I'm still greatly fond of her, & watching her artwork transmute & develop over a very long time has been a great experience for me.

Nevertheless, like me, she seems to be a bit of a hermit, & I sometimes felt like I was intruding on her time & space, so I stopped pestering her, then I moved to the opposite side of Puget Sound, & now our sole contact is through mail art. It's vaguely possible she's even less social than Paghat! hard as that is to imagine. I invited her to attend artists' parties & book-nurd gatherings that were even in walking distance of her house, but after several times of begging her to show up, I realized she never would.

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