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Dash Dibra runs a training or acting school for pets, called Star Pet, teaching you how to "Make Your Pet a Star!" Well, maybe he can do that, if "star" once a year at the neighborhood's kindergarden kids counts. But I suspect people pay the guy with the expectation of making their pet a movie star, and if you believe that one, you're dead meat already.

But perhaps you need to make your pet a calander model, pet food pitch-pooch, or movie star on the cheap? Dash can still help you! For he's written an easy manual, StarPet: How to Make Your Pet a Star (2005). And if you're not sucker enough to believe any of it will make your dog into a celebrity, there's no doubt you will learn some valid training techniques amidst the chatty-braggy autobiographical B.S. and gibberish.

Get Your Doggy Transformed Into a Movie Star,
with free piece of green cheese straight from the Moon, at:
Dash Dibra's Star Pets Website

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