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There are stupid books and then there wayyyyy stupid books, and Lai Ubberud's Celebrity Pets Tell All (2006) just about beats all, not being at all the joking satirical book one would expect of the subject matter. Ubberud claims to come from a long line of European psychics, which is tantamount to bragging you're from a long line of Travellers, Cardsharks, and Grifters.

She has written a book of "factual" gossip as received (from great distances) from the chatty pets of famous people. Pets alive or dead, makes no different to this magical flimflam artist!

So if you've ever wanted to know what Audrey Hepburn's dog thought of her, here's your chance! Or wanna know what Bruiser from the Legally Blonde films personally felt about the male Rottweiler who fell in love with him? Bruiser told Psychic Lai! But as for Paris Hilton's Tikerbell has already written her own diary, and I think it's more reliable....

Get Your Doggy's Mind Read At:
Lai Ubberud's Fruitcake Website

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