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The Diary of Jinky: Dog of a Hollywood Wife (2006), as told to Carole Raphaelle Davis. Jinky was almost a dead dog but thanks to a, his life got good, not that he's necessarily a chihuahua. He's quite a big bigger than chis generally get, and it is everyone's best guess he's part chi, part Shi Tzu, and part Jack Russell.

He was adopted by Carole Raphaelle Davis, singer, actress, and animal activist. She has appeared in Sex in the City, Scrubs, and other television shows, and films like The Rapture and The Flamingo Kid.

Jinky is named for a character on The Dennis Miller Show for which Carole's husband (and Jinky's pop) had been head writer. His diary is laugh-out-loud funny but also makes some wonderful points about dog rescue.

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