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Adde and Arne Anders "Adde" Freblad and his best buddy, chihuahua Arne, are stars of the Swedish television series Top Dog in 2007.

Adde, a drug therapist, never goes anywhere without Arne. "It is seldom you see a big guy with a little dog. And no, I'm not gay. But I'm not afraid to show my great love of my chihuahua," says he.

He grew up in a home that had a papillon, but even then he used to pester his mother to get him a chihuahua.

Arne had formerly belonged to a guy who proved to be allergic to the dog so never gave him any affection. So Arne came to him equally indifferent to who he lived with. "That guy didn't even say goodbye to Arne when we drove off."

For part of the day Arne was stand-offish as he'd never been encouraged to show his love. But that night when Adde was getting ready for bed, Arne gazed at him longingly, and made one little whining sound.

"It's okay, you little rat, jump up here." Arne's tail began to wag like crazy as he jumped on the bed, rolled on his back to have his belly rubbed, and all the pent up love poured out of him forevermore.

Having gone gaga for his chihuahua, Adde Freblad for all his personal machismo was totally unable to resist a little spoiling of his co-star on the TV3 reality series.

Arne has a couiple dozen suits of clothes (or more, including a Superman costume) and about twenty different fancy collars. Even so, Adde makes every effort not to try to "humanize" Arne too much. "We must always remember they have a little wolf in them."

Adde admits, "I have a rough past. Arnie allows me to show that I'm no longer a bad guy." Adde was excited to be chosen for the reality series, but he wanted it more "So that I could immortalize Arne on television! Arne always comes first, before me, before my girlfriends. You can't expect to be on a pedistal if you are my girlfriend. More than one has gotten jealous of Arne."

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Adde and Arne

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