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Andrea Evagelopoulos is holding his favorite chihuahua Rallou. Andrea is a crackpot psychic with "nine diplomas in astrology," a would-be singer and actor, all-round media whore, chihuahua breeder, and obvious closet-case, well known in Greece, if for anything, as a laughingstock.

He was the breeder of Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell, and really took Paris to the cleaners on that one (though she got her money's worth in the long run). He was also the breeder of her chi Bambi, and he claims all her chihuahuas came from him, though he's just self-promoting with extravagant fibbery on that score.

Apparently the fab heiress is the only famous person who ever took Andrea seriously. So he put her in his will but, stating, "I set her as my only inheritor of everything I own." Good lord that's bizarre.

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