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Model Chantelle Houghton became a British television personality when she starred in England's edition of Celebrity Big Brother in 2005, on which program she met and in 2006 married pop singer Sam Preston.

Within the year the marriage was on the slide to breaking up. The photo below is of Sam and Chantelle in 2007 during a period of rumored reconcilliation, though even just looking at their faces you can tell they're not getting allllong. Sam is holddddding Babygirl, while Chantelle carries Beetlejuice.

Chantelle got custody of both their dogs, though Sam visited regularly to be with the chihuahuas Beetlejuice and Babygirl. In 2010 it was reported that Sam still visited occasionally to see the dogs. As this was while the ex-couple were re-united on Ultimate Big Brother, tabloids spread the rumor that the couple might be get back together before the season was through, which merely promoted the show.

In 2009 Chantelle added a third dog to her menagerie, Floyd the bulldog. She has done charity work pet and animal welfare organizations, including England's People's Dispensary for Sick Animals' which helps the underprivilaged and impoverished obtain proper healthcare for their pets.

Chantelle, Sam, Babygirl, Beetlejuice

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