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Sam Preston, frontman for the band "The Ordinary Boys," had a greatly loved chihuahua named Beetlejuice. The portraits above of Sam and Beetlejuice were taken in his London flat by Dave Hogan in 2007.

Sam was married to model Chantelle Houghton when these photos were taken; they'd met on the Celebrity Big Brother show in 2006. The two of them had a second chihuahua, Babygirl. In the photo below, Sam is carring Babygirl, and Chantelle has Beetlejuice, heading home after shopping together in 2007 (they look to be in a bad mood, as they were already broken up at this time).

Their marriage lasted only from 2006 to 2007. When the divorce was final, and Chantelle got custody of the two chihuahuas despite that Sam was equally attached to them. Sam remaied on good terms with his ex so that he can visit regularly to hang out with Beetlejuice and Babygirl. When they were reunited on Ultimate Big Brother (2010) tabloids had a field-day speculating they would get back together, but their friendship survived mostly over their mutual love for Beetlejuice and Babygirl.

Chantelle and Sam Preston

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