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Typically effeminate (even feminine) J- rocker Gackt Camui is formerly of the bands Cain's Feet and Malice Mizerm, currently a solo act or backed by his own band GacktJob.

He loves his female Maine coon cat Mei, his white longhair chihuahua Ener or Eneru, and misses his miniature dachshund Belle Constantine Chappy who passed away in 2007.

Belle -- or "Beru" in the Japanese pronunciation -- is shown above getting kissed by his Gackt. The inset shows Eneru and Belle together, as they were such great friends that when Belle died, Eneru received communications from the dead dog's spirit and somehow transferred this knowledge to Gackt.

By unspecific mystical means, Belle let Gackt know about wanting to be honored by Eneru being permitted to promote ecological causes. Thus Eneru -- so-named because his presence provides everyone Energy -- became the star of web-anime promoting awaress of global warming. Cool. If only all the nutsack wealthy loons could delude themselves into doing something useful rather than harmful!

See Ener's Big Adventure in the Cartoon Chihuahuas album.


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