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Aged socialite Gail Posner took Conchita with her everywhere. This is what Paris Hilton's gonna look like someday.

In two of the photos you can see Gail has dressed up Conchita to look like herself, or visa-versa. Gail might look crazy ("eccentric" when the crazy person's wealthy) but she gave shitloads of money to the Humane Society, so be nice.

Gail died in March of 2010 at the age of sixty-seven, of cancer. Though she was one of Miami Beach's best known figures, her death and private funeral were not widely reported.

In her last years Gail loved to give interviews that focused all but exclusively on Conchita as "the most spoiled dog in the world." Conchita's nickname to the family was "The Boss." She lords over thee humans in the household as well as over her sisters, a Maltese named April Maria and a Yorky named Lucia.

ConchitaGail admitted to spending upward to around $10,000 in a single month on the dog in designer clothes including bikini's, cashmere sweaters, pearls, make-up, and Louis Vultan carry-bags.

The little dog had meals of specially prepared chicken at the exclusive Shore Club in Miami; ritzy toys; her own television room where the little dog loved to watch Spanish soap operas, plus such furnishings as a throne; and a Tiffany color of diamonds and gold.

Conchita, with a personal staff of eight to ten servants, also had her own automobile, initially a Range Rover, later an Escalade, with personal chauffeurr to take her and her sisters to puppy-spas each week for pedicures and grooming. The Escalde was gold.

A few months after her death, it became public knowledge that Posner had left her 8.3 million dollar Miami mansion to Conchita (and two other dogs, April Maria, shown in-text, and Lucia), along with a $3 million dollar trust fund and permission for caretakers to live rent free in the mansion, so long as Conchita continues to live her diamond-tiared life. When her pets have passed beyond the veil, the mansion is to be sold and the proceeds given to charities.

Her son Bret Car was miffed, having been left with a measly million dollars. He claimed her will was the result of his mother having been drugged into submission by a greedy staff and a crooked attorney, who influenced her for their own benefit.

Not everyone believes his allegation on that score; he and his mom mainly didn't get along; he has a criminal history; and if she was under caretaker influence, where was he to protect her (and his own) interests?

He set out at once to contest the will, and in most cases where caretakers score big in a will but legitimate heirs score little, court cases do usually fall to the heir's favor. But I hope Conchita and the other doggies, if not the caretakers, come out ahead!


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