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Lil Tinks' mommy is "Minx," the blonde who runs the "I wanna be famous too" website Minx in the City. Tinks has become a calendar girl featured in three different chihuahua calendars in 2010 alone. She's also featured in the dog training manual Come Sit Stay (2009) by Arden Moore. Tinks is forever popping up in pet and dog lovers' magazines.

Minx is an off-her-nut Paris Hilton fan, though old enough to know better. So Tinks really is named after Paris Hilton's vastly more famous Tinkerbell, and Tinks lives with a beloved older chi-sister, named after Paris herself, the larger chi in the second photo.

See more photos of Paris, Tinks, and Minx at
Minx's Flickr photostream


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