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Jay Rothbell Sheckley

Short story artist Jay Rothbell Sheckley has contributed to The Twilight Zone Magazine, Heavy Metal Magazine and Fantasy and Terror (hey, I edited that!), and such major anthologies such as Marvin Kaye's Devils and Demons and David J. Schow's Silver Scream. She is a co-owner of a famous Berkeley bookstore Dark Carnival.

Jay Rothbell Sheckley

Jay has two dogs, Romeo and Juliet. The topmost photo shows Jay and Romeo at World Fantasy Con in 2009, a week before Jay's 55th birthday. The second photo shows Romeo and Juliet in Jay's lap.

The bottom-most photo is of Romeo in his vintage leather jacket cooing and adoring Kittyboy in his leather jacket. Yet another of the photos shows Romeo with Juliet in Jay's lap.

Juliet, shown above in-text, is a chihuaha/yorkie mix. Romeo was obtained as a chihuahua, too, but Jay now calls him the Fake Chihuahua.

When she had DNA test done, Romeo was discovered incredibly enough to be "a ten pound brown flat-coat old English sheepdog." Well, I've seen multiple tests done on individual dogs by different labs that said completely different things, and Romeo still looks like a chi to me.

Jay Rothbell Sheckley

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