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Kathryn Cramer

Kathryn Cramer is a World Fantasy Award winning editor and author. In 2009 she got a new puppy, a cuter-n-heck chi-mix named Sunshine. She was born 16 September 2009 and came to live with the family in November.

Kathryn's anthologies include Walls of Fear and, co-edited with Peter D. Pautz, The Architecture of Fear (I have a story in both of those!). She is co-editor with her husband David G. Hartwell of Year's Best Fantasy which will have its fifteenth annual volume in 2010. She has an e-book of her own very unusual fiction available as Kathryn Cramer in Small and Large Pieces which has been called "a postmodern Through the Looking Glass."

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Kathryn Cramer

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