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Actress and model Lisa Marie, above, in 1995 at a party with her chihuahua, Poppy. [Photo by Rose Hartman]

Lisa Marie has appeared in such films as Let's Get Lost (1988), Breast Men (1997), Sleepy Hollow (1999) and Chasing the Dragon (1999) as well as in films of Tim Burton, Planet of the Apes (2001), Mars Attacks! (1996) and Ed Wood (1994).

When still a young supermodel, she had been the "obsession girl" in the Calvin Klein ads photographed by Bruce Weber, and worked with art photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

She and Tim (with Poppy, below, in photo by Mary Ellen Mark) are said to have first bonded over a mutual UFO sighting in California. The relationship lasted a few years, until Tim got involved with Helena Bonham Carter, and Lisa Marie got a five million dollar settlement in lieu of palimony.

Lisa got custody of their two chihuahuas, Violet and Poppy, the latter famously appearing in Mars Attacks! They've since passed, of course, of old age.

Tim, Lisa, Poppy

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