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Tim, Poppy, and gorillas

Tim Burton photographed Poppy the Reindeer (top) in 1997. Poppy was the chihuahua who had a starring role in Mars Attacks (1996) in which he got his head switched with that of Sarah Jessica Parker.

In the second photo, Tim poses with Poppy and two gorillas, in December 2000 on the set of Planet of the Apes.

Poppy's co-owner, Lisa Marie, played Vampira in Ed Wood (1994) and the big-haired Martian babe in Mars Attacks. The ultra-arty family photos below show the family -- Tim, Lisa, and Poppy -- as captured in black and white by Mary Ellen Mark in 1997. The portrait of Lisa and Poppy inside one of these photographs is by the maximumly talented Tim.

Tim, Lisa and Poppy

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