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The most famous chihuahua of an era, Tinkerbell Hilton first entered American awareness in 2003 in the reality series The Simple Life starring heiress Paris Hilton and her best friend of the time, Nicole Richie, as city odeliscs who go "down on the farm" and get cow-poo on their nice shoes.

For the next few years Paris and Tinkerbell were on every red carpet event imaginable. Tinkerbell wrote her own book (a diary of her life with Paris), provided late-night comics with easy fodder for minor jests, committed suicide on the animated series South Park, and got more entertainment-news coverage than nine-tenths of the A-list celebrities, and sparked a veritable fad among copycat celebs either won over by the greatness of the breed or just not clever at coming up with an original attention-grabber.

Tinkerbell was named for the Disney cartoon character as would be other of Paris's dogs, once she began accumulating them like a crazy old animal hoarder deep in the thros of dementia.

Paris once said, quite simply, "There is only one Tinkerbell," and really the charm of this little critter was enormous. Tink had this basic posture of tucking her head down, and always seemed calm and polite. In fact she could be a rowdy little dog, but when Paris took her modelish poses for photographers, Tink took her pose like a pro.

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