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Dominican-American and former beauty queen Susie Castillo (past holder of the Miss Massachusetts and Miss USA titles, and competitor for Miss Universe pageant) and Neutrogena spokesmodel, poses (above) her black chihuahua, Oscar, at a pet charity.

In the two photos below, Susie is attending the "Doggy Fiesta" at Velvet Margarita, in Hollywood, in 2008, as hosted by Animal Fair Magazine. Susie arrived with her white chihuahua Lupe, named after Guadelupe, the state in Mexico.

Susie has been a VJ for the MTV television series Total Request, and appeared in the film Underdog (2007) and has been a regular in Tyler Perry's television series House of Paine (2009). She authored the book Confidence is Queen: The Four Keys to Ultimate Beauty Through Positive Thinking (2008).

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