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Pauley Perrette, who plays goth laboratory maven Abbey Sciuta on the CBS television NCIS, voluteering at a chihuahua rescue center that used to be in Burbank back in 2005.

The center, alas, was unliscensed, and often involved in issues of abuse and neglect and eventually had to get out of Burbank. The operator, Kimi Peck, has continued, in a series of locations, to accumulate chihuahuas as a classic hoarder, striving most imperfectly to be a rescue shelter further and further in the hinterland to evade the law.

But Pauley just wanted to help chihuahuas, and has one of her own, Cece, formerly feral, but now as devoted to Pauley as she is to it, though Cece's still unreliable when strangers try to pet her.

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