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Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci with her chihuahua Chi-Chi. She also has a French bulldog named Ramon, a Pinscher named Sheriff Steve Goldberg, and a German Shepherd/Boxer mix named Walter.

Christina is one of America's finest young actors, star of one of the truly great examples of independent cinema, Buffalo '66 (1998), and so much before and since.

The first two pictures above are of Chi-Chi. In the topmost photo they are out and about shopping in Los Angeles. In the second photo, Christina is at the gas station, and didn't want to leave Chi-Chi in a hot car for even as long as it took to fill a vehicle.

But the third photo (below) is of Christina posing with Chili Conchita, who is Thomas Lockhart's purebred companion. Lockhart runs West Coast Tattoo in Vancouver, Canada, where Christina got a tattoo on her lower back during a break while filming Prozac Nation (2001). She bonded instantly with the little dog, and it was Chili who inspired her to get her own chihuahua.

Christina Ricci

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