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Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling with her Chihuahua-Corgi mix Chiquita (above two photos). Tori also has a snorty funny-face pug named Mimi LaRue (in-text animated photo), and a chihuahua/Jack Russell mix named Ferris (bottom photos).

Mimi was probably the favorite of the lot as Tori was most frequently in public with her. When she was a puppy, a veterinarian insisted Mimi was mildly retarded; but she turned out to be very smart. She'd been the runt of her litter and had health problems much of her life. In 2008, at age 11, Miimi died of natural causes. That's in fact pretty old for a fat pug, with or without medical issues; chihuahuas live longer.

Tori Spelling

Tori's a devoted animal lover, and has done charity work for a rescue organization. She got both Ferris and Chiquita from Much Love Animal Rescue, as also a wirehair terrier mix named Leah. In her television show So No-TORIous, she plays a version of herself, who runs an animal shelter.

Tori got her first dog at age four, a poodle named Angel, and it was her constant companion until age eighteen, when Angel passed. The family also kept bichons. Tori adopted a street mutt named Gracie which had been wandering homeless for six months, and pampered her for the rest of that dog's life. She also rescued a one-eyed cat, Maggie. And many other animals have been or are in her life.

Tori and Mimi and Ferris

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