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Loki and Mickey

Before Mickey Rourke was all gushy for Loki, the love of his life was Beau Jack (above top, with a somewhat younger Mickey), named for a boxing champ.

When Beau Jack was refused a part in the film Luck of the Draw (2000), Mickey having been flatly informed by a producer "A chihuahua would look silly," Mickey stormed off the set in high dudgeon, and is not in the film after all. Big booboo on the part of director Luca Bercovici, as no one wanted to see the film, which wouldn't've been the case if it had had Mickey and Beau Jack in it.

Mickey credited Beau Jack with saving his life at a difficult time when suicide looked like a good idea. He tried to return the favor when in old age Beau Jack collapsed of a heart attack, and Mickey gave him mouth to mouth for 45 minutes until friends separated them. He then took the little body to a church to be blessed.

Loki (showing his tongue below, and in the three middle-photos above) pretty much became Mickey's primary focus thereafter, though he had several chihuahuas running about the house.

Loki and Mickey

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