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After the shattering loss of Loki, Mickey Rourke went into a deep depression, but eventually found his way back with help from Jaws (all the three photos above).

Loki and Jaws had been good buddies in the last couple years of Loki's life. A little before the Oscars event, and a few days before the death of Loki, Barbara Walters interviewed Mickey, and they gave each other a gnarly smooch on the steps of Mickey's brownstone apartment. The scene is reproduced in the photo below, with Loki under Mickey's arm and Jaws on his lap.

Mickey and Jaws began going everywhere together, back and fourth across the country, totally inseparable. They ate all their meals together, sometimes eating the same thing, which for Jaws was organic chicken breast. Mickey even took the dog along with him to parties, where Jaws reportedly "reeled in the babes."

Loki, Jaws, Barbara Walters, and Mickey

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