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Animated music video for DJ Bobo's international hit Chihuahua (2003) has two screen-captures above. This was the first of two official videos for this number, and there've been many since produced unofficially by fans.

A dancing chihuahua is included in the cartoon cast as the central figure. The chorus runs:

"What can make you shout Chihuahua
What it's all about Chihuahua
What can bring you love Chihuahua
Ohh, Chihuahua.

DJ Bobo

The middle illustration shows a pair of recording covers. Left is DJ Bobo's original hit single Chihauhua (2002) from Switzerland, already featuring the chihuahua character who would star in the animated video which followed (and which is linked below).

This recording was soon afterward released on Bobo's tenth album Visions (2002). The song became such a success throughout the world (though most especially throughout European countries) that it was featured almost immediately on another compilation of Bobo's music, called Chihuahua (2002). It was thereafter covered by many other performers and bands, becoming someing of a EuroLatin standard.

As his signature song, DJ Bobo has done a number of versions in the years since, including a new version heard in Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008). He based it on another hit single Chihuahua by Louis Oliveira and His Bandodalua Boys.

Shown on the right is another cover, Chihuahua Dance (2002), a CD of Latin music by various artists including DJ Bobo, Jerry Rivera, Patricia Manterola, Jose Luis Rodriguez, etc.

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