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Jayne Mansfield, above, poses in her halcyon days, before the drinking and depression got to her. She has with her Momsickle and Popsickle. The second photo, below, is from the early '60s, and I think that's Momsickle.

Another of Jayne's chihuahuas was named Gallina. Grief-stricken when Gallina died, she bought an eternal cemetery plot, and laid her to rest in Thistlerose Pet Cemetery in Glendale, a suburb of Milwaukee.

Pet Cemeteries are by and large big scams and impermanent, the land being sold and developed, perfect for a Stephen King/Steven Spielberg picture, Pet Cemetery Poltergeist. Jayne never knew she was ripped off, having died on a Kentucky back road before Gallina's eternal resting place was turned into suburban housing.

Jayne Mansfield

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