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Cinder has finally had a Cinderella ending to her harrowing life. She spent her first two years in the world tied to a tree a few feet from her owners' house in Rancho Santa Fe near Los Angeles, apart from family affection and never able to run free.

CinderShe'd gotten pregnant by some random dog that got into the yard, but lost her puppies to exposure. It's horrifying to ponder what her life was like.

Calous owners allowing Cinder's puppies to die in harsh weather despite the tiny girl's heroic efforts was the last straw even for people who hadn't wanted to get involved.

Though it took them two years, neighbors finally reported the neglect. The owners were soon informed by authorities they would be prosecuted for animal cruelty if they did not relinquish ownership at once.

Animal control in L.A. took her to the nonprofit Helen Woodward Animal Center. It was quickly reported that Cinder, despite the limitations of her life, was obviously intelligent, loving, and eager to please.

Though never housebroken, and never even experiencing a walk on a leash, her desire to please people indicated she would be easy to train, for anyone with the patience to actually do the training.

It was expected she'd very quickly find an adoptive home, and indeed, within two days she was adopted, in December 2009. Cinder's new mom had recently had a coronary and wastold by her doctor to get short daily walks, so in the span of two weeks her life had gone from hell to happiness and Cinder even ended up helping a woman's recovery.


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