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These two male chihuahuas, late in January 2010, were abandoned in a raging winter storm, near Mount Kato in Minnesota, on the side of Blue Earth County Road 90, inside a transport cage.

One of them looked to be about two years old, the other about nine months. Weather was so brutal, they could not possibly have lasted more than a couple hours, and the dogs were not even given a blanket. Fortunately there had been a witness to the vehicle that pulled over to the side of the road to set the carrier in the snow.

So someone was able to rescue them almost immediately and they were transported to the Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society, where they were checked over for health problems, neutered, and offered for adoption.

They proved to be extremely friendly and always came running when called. They showed no signs of abuse and it's a mystery why they were put at such peril.

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