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Labor Day weekend, 2009, on a river near Ridgemont, Mississippi, a four year old chihuahua named Fancy was trapped underwater when a houseboat sank.

FancyFour people, including Fancy's owner Rebel Barrett, got off the boat safely but then realized Fancy was missing. Oh woe betide the day!

More than twenty-four hours later, the boat's owner Robert Blaine came with his scuba gear to see if he could salvage his boat, when a muffled whimpering was heard.

Blaine found Fancy with her nose in a three-inch air-pocket, the rest of her body under water. "Just an itty bitty air pocket," said Blaine.

When freed of the boat's interior, Fancy had enough strength in her to swim eagerly toward the dock under her own power, paddle-paddle-paddle toward Rebel Barrett who reached down and scooped her out of the water, hugging the little survivor with tears streaming.


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