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Midge is a deputy in the Geauga County sheriff's department in Huntsburg, Ohio. She's the smallest dog in the K9 Unit.

MidgeAs she probably wouldn't seem that threatening to a thug, she's used only as a drug-sniffing dog.

In the photo at the top, she's resting in Sheriff Dan McClelland's lap after completing her duties. In the second photo, her deputy badge looks pretty flashy as she stands in the sheriff's vehicle attentive of what's going on.

The photo at right shows Deputy Midge with Sheriff Dan, on the very day that Midge took down her first collar!

The extra value of a small drug-sniffing dog is she can get into places a large dog cannot, reaching even the cleverest hiding place.

The "working life" of a chihuahua is also two or three times longer than for large dogs, so that a valuably trained asset is less transient on the force.

The little chihuahua's training began when she weighedd only two pounds.

One of the two photos show young Midge in her police uniform atop police dog Brutus who is serving as Midge's mountain. The other photo below shows playtime for Midge and Brutus after Midge was full grown.

Midge and Brutuuuuuus

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