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Above Left) Oklahoma City firefighter, Cpl. C.J. Seitz carries a chihuahua from a house that was destroyed in a morning fire in Oklahoma City , Okla., Monday, Dec. 29, 2008. Two chihuahuas were saved that day, plus one cat, but a second cat alas died. [Photo by Steve Gooch]

Above Right) New Richmond, Ohio firefighter Stan Kinnard rescued chiweanies belonging to Jean Murphy of Walnut Street. This was way back in March of 1997. [Photo by Glenn Hartong]

Below) In August, 2009, Sadie the chihuahua woke her owner in time to save two men and two cats from a house fire. A third cat, and a parakeet, weren't saved. Oklahoma home-owner Jackie Privett, 31, was sound asleep on the couch when Sadie began fervantly licking his face. "Sadie's my hero," said Privett, half naked in the street in front of a completely destroyed home.


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