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Twelve week old chihuahua pup Smokey walked around for three days with a fork jammed in his head, result of a barbecue accident in London, Kentucky.

SmokeyTop photo shows Smokey with the vet. For the first few weeks of life, a chihuahua's skull is not fully formed.

They have one of the largest brains of any small dog, so like human babies the skull finishes closing after being born.

The end of the fork popped off the handle and fell right through Smokey's open molera and into his brain. Injured Smokey ran into the forest to hide in terror.

It took three days for owner Hughie Wagers to capture Smokey, at which time he was taken immediately to the vet, who took the x-ray shown at the right, showing the fork stuck three inches into the brain.

By and large, Smokey made a full recovery. The final photo, below, shows his scar, and one eye no longer functioning as it should, but in the main he's okay. And the vet thought the nerve endings that slowed down the one eye would heal in time. So, as unlucky dogs go, he's pretty lucky.


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