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Rugged, still-handsome 75-year-old cowboy Juan Rodriguez was just another among many of Sacramento's homeless, living in a broken-down 1971 Dodge Commander.

His one dream seemed to be, "I want to die where I was born." So he hoped to get the Dodge operating, so he could get to San Antonio. "I'm glad I'm on my way out. After a while, you get tired of living."

His one consolation was his chihuahua Tiger. Sitting in the car window watching Juan, the dog whimpered worriedly. "Tiger, Tiger," said Juan, calming him down. "Papa will be there."

He said, "Never in my life have I been this down. Life's ten percent what you make it. It's ninety percent how you take it. People are always afraid of death. I'm different. I'm afraid of life." [Photos by Michael Williamson, 2009]

A Dream of a Final Journey


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