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Iggy Farkas spent his first eight years of life at a puppy mill in a small cage, without any means of exercise. As a result he developed splayed feet and bowed legs. He also suffered from Stage 2 demodectic mange, yeast infection of skin and ears, heart murmur, and hypothyrodism, all left untreated by the evil breeder.

Littlest Angels Pet Sanctuary in Bellview, Ohio, was allowed to rescue Iggy only because he'd "outlived" his usefulness to the malignant puppy mill, a business which unfortunately is legal in Ohio even when so badly operated.

The shelter offered Iggy as a special needs dog. Kathy Farkas and her husband from Gahanna, Ohio, had already been looking for another special needs chi to add to their pack of three.

He had to be taught to live and play outside a cage. Kathy says, "Today all his teeth have been removed. The yeast infection is under control. The mange is gone. He'll be on medication for his heart and thyrid for the rest of his life. He thinks his pills are treats and loves the beef-flavored pill pockets."

She credit's Iggy's new chihuahua siblings for teaching him how to be a dog. "Not only can he walk on grass, he is now running and sniffing all around the yard."

Iggy has become an Ambassador for Petfinder and does public outreach every Friday teaching people to adopt rescued dogs, and about the evils of puppy mills from whence nearly all expensive petshop puppies come.

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