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This is a tale dreadful to ponder, though on Doogle's hard road, life did eventually come to a better purpose.

DoogleDoogle Duck (to use his full name) spent the first five years of his life in a tiny bird cage hanging from the ceiling of a horrific puppymill.

Then one day the mill breeders, apparently just tired of feeding and cleaning the "useless" dog, tossed him over the back fence to die, still in the cage.

He was rescued and required two surgeries before it was possible to begin teaching him to walk.

Now, thank goodness, he's much better. A shocking example of both the evil, and the good, of which human beings are capable!

After only six weeks, Doogle had learned to dance for attention, shake hands, had gained confidence, interacted well with other dogs, and always deliriously happy to meet people. The first video below shows Doogle being trained to walk. The second shows him after considerable recovery, playful and cute if a little weird in his speech.

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